Our PE and Athletic Program

At Dutchess Day School, the athletic program is a dynamic and integral part of the total educational experience. It provides meaningful learning opportunities not otherwise offered in the classroom curriculum.  Athletics play an important role in character building and the development of moral and social values. It is a mechanism for students to excel in areas of physical and athletic talents, and it provides a wholesome educational experience that nurtures the mind, body, and spirit.  Athletics also provides our students with lifelong lessons for personal growth, such as sportsmanship, teamwork, ethical behavior, perseverance, commitment, loyalty, self-discipline, pride, responsibility, and leadership.  All Upper School students (grades 5-8) are required to participate in the Dutchess Day School Athletic Program for a minimum of two seasons.  

Outdoor sports are played on our three athletic fields and tennis courts on our 29-acre campus. Our squash team use the facilities at Millbrook School.  

Indoor sports, as well as physical education classes, take place in our gymnasium which features a full-size basketball court, girls and boys locker rooms, a fitness room, and office space.  

For our Lower School students, physical education classes take place during the school day, two to four times a week. The physical education program is designed to encourage physical activity and to promote good sportsmanship, cooperation, and respect for others. The correlation between health and fitness is explored, and activities that promote health and fitness are a vital part of the program. In the early grades, students learn basic motor and game skills. 

Between January and March, our Friday afternoon ski and skate program offers students the choice of skiing at the Catamount Ski Area (parent participation is required for younger students) or ice skating at the Millbrook School rink. Lessons for each sport are included.