Studio Art

Drawing, Painting, Sculpting, and more

In the art studio, students develop their technical skills and explore the expressive qualities of a variety of two and three-dimensional media including collage, painting, drawing and sculpture. Through guided exploration of these materials, we strive to foster a dynamic environment in which students are encouraged to take risks, make discoveries and find multiple solutions. Art projects are designed to be developmentally appropriate and open-ended in order to allow for experimentation and creative thinking.

We believe in a spiraling curriculum where we constantly revisit themes and materials in order for our students to master the complexities of communicating through the visual arts. 

Throughout these 9 years, our art program focuses on studio habits of mind: reflection, perseverance, expression, observation, development of craft, and exploration.

A continuum…the DDS student’s art-making experience from K-8th grade:

In Kindergarten, students will be exposed to all types of art making including explorative introductions to painting, sculpture, drawing and collage. They will focus on adding details to their drawings, textures and layers to their paintings, building stable sculptures and complex collages. Their work will focus on mixing colors, drawing themselves and their worlds, and making things! In 1st grade, this work becomes more analytical…how can we help the viewer to understand who we are or where we are in a picture? How can we mix colors to make new ones? What factors affect the stability of a sculpture or the vibrancy of a color? In 2nd and 3rd grade, projects become more challenging. Students will begin to draw from observation as well as from imagination. Work will become less explorative and more focused on conceiving of an idea and then taking that idea to fruition. In 4th and 5th grade, we’ll explore the idea of why artists make artwork? We’ll investigate how we can use art making as a vehicle for conveying a specific idea or message. We’ll also be encouraging students to find, celebrate and develop their own unique artistic style. Middle school presents it’s own unique and amazing possibilities with regards to artmaking. By adolescence, artists have been exposed to a wide variety of materials and methods and come prepared to create complex work that is meaningful to them and their peers. In addition to making high quality layered pieces, we’ll also engage in art class critiques and group discussions so we can begin to develop a language around our creative intentions and decision making.