Dutchess Day Values

Developing a Strong School Culture

Through our Mission Statement and our Code of Conduct we strive to provide the foundation for our students to be more than good students. We hope they become people that will work to make their community and our world a better place for all.

Community Code

  • I listen actively, think independently, and challenge all aspects of myself.
  • I express my thoughts and ideas while remaining open to those of others that may differ from my own.
  • I find ways to include, help, and support others.
  • I understand that differences among people make our school community a richer place.

Mission Statement

Dutchess Day School values children’s natural curiosity and fosters an enduring enthusiasm for learning. In an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect, students are encouraged to take intellectual, athletic, and artistic risks and to develop independence, confidence, and imagination. Students share their talents through collaboration and through service to the school, the community, and the larger world.