Application Process

Applying to Dutchess Day


Step 1. Interview and School Tour

We like to meet with prospective parents to show you life at Dutchess Day School and to discuss the applicant’s educational future. Steps 1-4 should be completed by February 15th for the following school year with rolling admission after March. While most of our students begin Dutchess Day in September, we do enroll a small number of students throughout the school year.



Step 2. Application

Parents should complete the Parent’s Application and return it to Dutchess Day School along with the application fee. The application must be received by the School prior to the student visit.

Parent Application


Step 3. Class Visit and Evaluation

After a student has applied to Dutchess Day School we invite the applicant to visit the school.

Preschool: Preschool applicants participate in a screening where they have the opportunity to play in the preschool classroom and meet with the preschool teachers for assessment.

Kindergarten: Kindergarten applicants will spend a full day visiting the preschool (same age children) classroom and meet with the teacher for assessment.

Grades 1-8: Applicants visit DDS for two consecutive days. During this time, applicants will experience a normal day at DDS and be evaluated by classroom teachers and assessed for admission. Rising 2nd – 8th graders will take the ISEE test for admission.

Step 4. Principal’s Report, Records Release Form and Teacher Recommendations

Please distribute the forms below to the required people, along with an envelope addressed to Dutchess Day School, and ask that they be returned directly to our admissions office as soon as possible.

Preschool and Kindergarten: Teacher recommendation by current preschool teacher.

Grades 1-6: Principal’s Report, Records Release Form, and Teacher Recommendation by the homeroom teacher.

Grades 7-8: Principal’s Report, Records Release Form, and Teacher Recommendations for English and Mathematics.

*If there is any IEP or 504 testing available, it must be submitted with the admission records. Withholding pertinent admission materials could void an admission contract.

Financial Aid is available through the School and Student Services (SSS). Applications are available in the DDS office and are due in February.

PK-1 Recommendation

2-8 Recommendation

Principal’s Recommendation

Records Release


Step 5. The Admission Committee Meets to Review Completed Applications.

PK-8 applicants and their families are notified of decisions after they have completed the application process. For classes where there is available space, we can offer acceptance immediately. For classes that are fully enrolled, the applicant will be placed in a wait pool. After re-enrollment of current students is completed in March, students in the wait pool will be offered a contract if space becomes available.

Applications which are completed after March, will be reviewed on a space-available basis and should, therefore, be completed as soon as possible.

Questions: Please feel free to call 845-677-5014 or email Christine Whiting, Director of Admission and Financial Aid, at any time regarding the admissions process.