Secondary Schools

Secondary Schools

At Dutchess Day School, our fundamental goal is to ensure that our students have an outstanding academic foundation upon which future learning can build.  A Dutchess Day education provides our graduates with the capacity to flourish in the most challenging independent and public school programs.

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Our students have several options for their ongoing education. Some students choose to go on to independent day or boarding schools, others to nearby parochial schools or public high schools. We take pride in the fact that they are well prepared to learn in a variety of settings, that they are independent thinkers and competent communicators, and that they have the confidence to thrive wherever their roads lead.

We encourage our students and their families to look at all the options available to them, both public and independent, and to make informed choices and provide significant assistance and counseling throughout this journey.

The process begins in the spring of seventh-grade when parents and students attend our Secondary School Informational Evening and Fair.  Following those events, parents and students meet with the head of school to discuss the broad range of options, requirements, and the process and timing of secondary school visits, applications, and decisions.

For those considering independent schools, eighth-grade homeroom teachers and advisors keep students on track with reminders about deadlines and coaching about how to ask for recommendations. The head of school offers mock interviews to help students prepare for admissions visits. Parents may reference our online secondary school guide for help and advice with the process.

Our students balance many demands: academic, athletic, service, social, and of course family. In eighth-grade, many choose to apply to independent secondary schools, thus beginning a decision-making process that most young people don’t face until they are seniors in high school. We urge families to be patient with their child, let he or she take responsibility for much the process, and work towards eliminating stress during their final year at DDS.  In concert with Dutchess Day School, this process can be rewarding and meaningful, and we look forward to acting in partnerships throughout it.