Integrating Technology

Technology is essential to the way students live and learn today. At DDS, our goal is to empower students to be innovative designers and creative communicators. 

Students in prekindergarten through second grade use classroom iPads. They learn how to navigate apps and use their devices to capture their learning. Starting in grade three, students are assigned Window based laptops.  We teach the skills that allow students to utilize technology to create differentiation, choice, and increase autonomy to achieve personal learning goals. 


Digital Citizenship and Information Literacy 

All students at DDS engage in lessons and activities to promote digital citizenship. Teachers across disciplines collaborate to provide research experiences for our younger learners. Upper school students use these skills to acquire and analyze information to utilize across content areas. Students use the MLA format for references for all research reports and projects. 


Innovation and Computational Thinking 

Our lower school students explore the design process by developing ideas and creating physical and digital artifacts. Our technology teachers encourage and support STEAM projects that integrate concepts from core content area classes. Kindergartners create pixel mosaic art digitally and with physical blocks. Second graders learn about green screen production while portraying different jobs for a Colonial Day project. Third graders learn how to create graphs and interpret data while collecting donations for a Thanksgiving food drive. Fifth graders create realistic models of Greek temples in Minecraft and give virtual tours. Upper school offering includes 2D / 3D design, Pattern and Fabrication, and Motors & Mousetrap Cars. Students have the opportunity to design and create various projects while learning how to use vinyl cutting tools, 3D pens and printers, sewing machines, and numerous hand tools. 


Robotics and Coding 

DDS students are exposed to basic algorithms in kindergarten using Sphero Indi as well as unplugged activities. Block based programming is introduced in first grade and used throughout our lower school. Students explore coding using online software and physical computing with Sphero minis and Lego Spike Prime. Upper school students can complete two different offerings. Robotics dives into next-level builds and programs utilizing our Lego EV3 and Spike Prime robots. Students participate in building challenges while learning how to integrate sensors. The robotics curriculum uses block-based or Python as our coding languages. Our Coding and Circuitry course incorporates either block-based coding, or JavaScript with various Arduino circuit boards, LED lights, servos, and sensors to create interactive projects. Beginning in fifth grade, students are eligible to join the Robotics Club which competes in our regional FIRST Lego League competition.  


Communication and Collaboration  

Students at DDS use various platforms and tools to communicate ideas by creating digital artifacts and models. Our youngest students collaborate and share ideas through Seesaw, an interactive portfolio tool that allows children to share pictures and work with peers and teachers as well as their parents. As students learn to use more technology, they employ a variety of tools, such as PowerPoint, Book Creator, Flip, and more. Upper school students have an opportunity to participate in the production of a periodic newscast where they learn interviewing skills along with video editing and green screen color keying.  Our eighth-grade class uses the skills that they have acquired to create our school yearbook to share with our entire community.